Family Haven in a slice of paradise

Design and Plans: Draftline
Design Input: Ben and Clients ( A family project working with 4 parties)
Location: Lake Alexandrina, MacKenzie Country
Built on time: Being a family project it was completed over 6 months- there was no time deadline placed
Built to budget: Yes with lots of variations throughout
Size: 120sqm
Materials: Cedar weatherboard, coloursteel corrugated iron
Standouts/Challenges: After two years of planning amongst the family and getting the design right- the process ran smoothly for having so many parties involved. The main challenges were battling the weather elements like snow and strong winds. The first floor was basement style so we had to make sure the water proofing was spot on. As this was the first new build on this settlement, it was important to have the consenting and be clear about council regulations. It was a successful build and now enjoyed by all in our family.